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Corrosion protection

Well-Link using the alumina metal or zinc arc sprary, which is the highest corrosion protection system, in accordance BS5493. 

The metal arc spray protect the metal successfully, if and only if the surface treatment reach SIS Sa 2 1/2 class, and the roughness shall not less than 60μm, otherwise, the metal arc spray just flake off immediately. Compare with painting system, the most different point is the painting system can be verified at beginning, Unlike the pairting system, you may only verified after few months. 

This meaning when metal arc spray bond in the metal well, also means you do not have to worry about the metal surface treatment (sand blasting) has done or not.

In 1974 the American Welding society completed a 19-year study of corrosion protection affored by metalized aluminum and zince coatings applied to low carbon steel. The results of this study can be summarized as the list :

  • Aluminum coating 0.08mm to 0.15 mm thick, both sealed and unsealed gave compete base metal protection form corrosion for 19 years in sea water and in severe marine and industrial stmospheres. 
  • Unsealed zince coatings required 0.3 mm minimum thickness to give complete protection in sea water for 19 years. In severe marine and industrial atmospheres, 0.23 mm, of unsealed zinc or 0.08 mm to 0.15 mm of sealed zinc gave 19 years of protection.


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