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KYD Oil damper

The KAWAKIN KYD oil damper is a high-performance vibration control device which absorbs vibration and heat energy.Well-Link  has been the Taiwan's sole agent of KAWAKIN Vibration Control Dampers in 2013.

KAWAKIN KYD oil damper has better performance and the stability with altitude may absorb the wind power and the seismic force energy effectively simultaneously gives dual attention to the security and comfort, causes the building structure avoid the destruction, the distortion, provides a fuller safeguard to the life and the property.  

The KAWAKIN KYD oil damper, the Seismic Isolation and Vibration Control Dampers products developed by KAWAKIN Core-Tech Co. The Ltd. , 100% Japan makes.

KYD damper has obtained the Japanese BETTERLIVING Financial group legal person to authenticate, and has the honor to receive Japanese Osaka's comprehensive commercial building HARUKAS (the Japanese first tall building, elevation 300 meters) assigns to use.

It performs steadily even in severe environments, thanks to its low thermolability. The KYD also has bilinear characteristics that allow optimal functionality of its release valve in response to small and large vibrations alike, making it suitable for stable (speed-dependent) damping functionality. The KYD is also available in double- rod and bi-flow models to enable effective seismic isolation and vibration control.

Features of KYD Oil Damper

1. Effective damping functionality from earthquake vibration to microvibration such as wind
Thanks to bilinear characteristics, the KYD's release valve works optimally in response to small and large vibrations alike, resulting in stable damping functionality. In addition, the embedded accumulator enables stable response functionality.

2. High performance due to a double-rod structure and high-viscosity index oil
Thanks for adopting the double-rod method, hysteretic characteristics of pushing forces and pulling forces are similar. In addition, the adoption of high-viscosity oil reduces temperature sensitivity, allowing this oil damper to work predictably even in severe environments.

3. Reliable structural analysis
Adoption of bi-linear characteristics with clear mechanical characteristics and less temperature sensibility enable highly-reliable structural analysis.

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