Our Mission

Since its founding in 2005, Well-Link has focused on the development of highly specialized products and services for protection, seismic isolation, vibration control, retrofitting and monitoring of structures for construction industry in conjunction with experts, professors, researchers and other organizations in the fields of Seismic and Structural Engineering.

We aim to supply our customers tailor-made, high quality and optimal solutions adapted to their needs, and delivered on time thanks to our team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, our industrial and testing capabilities, our experience, and our constant commitment to quality, R&D&I, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

We align our knowledge, resources and efforts with our customers’ goals, to provide personalized and quick technical advice and support from the early stages of their projects.

Well-Link covers the complete cycle of its products:

Let´s Build a Safe and Sustainable World Together

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Certified Quality

Well-Link covers the complete cycle of its products: from analysis, design and calculation, through manufacturing, to testing and delivery.

We control and ensure the quality and tractability of our products in all of its phases through a strict Quality Management System certified in accordance with ISO 9001, the CE marking and the testing and inspections carried out by independent bodies.

Office (Taipei)

Using the most advanced software, our Technical Department is capable to design and calculate the suitable product for our clients´ projects in accordance with local and international standards as EN, AASTHO, JIS, NCh, among others.

Factory (Changhua)

Thanks to our technicians, a well-equipped factory, raw materials stock, and quality processes carried out in-house, Well-Link can ensure the quality and traceability of our products.



With advanced CNC machine center, CNC lathe and CAD/CAM software, we can carry in great precision mechanic processing.

CNC Flame Cutting machine

CNC Flame Cutting Machine

effective cutting width/length:   3.1 x 9 m

effective cutting width/length:   3.1 x 9 m

working dimension: 3 x 1.5 m

CNC Lathe

Swing over bed: 1.5 m  X/Y/Z-axis:2/1.5/0.7 m


working dimension: 2 x 2 m