Well-Link FPB

The WELL-LINK Friction Pendulum Bearing (FPB) is implemented by using soft isolators to prolong the natural vibration period of the structure to avoid the main vibration frequency of the seismic wave. The isolation devices absorb most of the energy, reducing the damage caused by vibration. Isolators can be installed under each structure column.
Well-Link applies a highly durable sliding material to the slider. The service life of the FPB is up to 60 years. Well-Link applies a zinc-arc spray, a highly durable corrosion protection system


The main parts of a curved surface slider are an upper backing plate, a slider and an articulated housing plate. The sliding surface between the upper plate and the slider is called the 1st sliding surface. It is the curvature of this surface that determines the natural frequency of the whole structure.
The slider and the housing plate form an articulated joint, keeping the upper and lower structure horizontal. Durable sliding material such as stainless steel, polymer materials and zinc coating will be used on each sliding surface, depending on different specifications for the frictional coefficient and effective damping ratio.


+FPB can be customized for different periods or design loads
+Low dependence on temperature
+High vertical stiffness and load capacity
+Period – invariance
+ Torsion – free