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Spherical Bearing

Spherical bearings are commonly classified into three types based on their degree of freedom: fixed, guided, and free sliding. They allow for rotation because two curved sliding surfaces in the bearing can rotate against each other. Fixed and guided bearings are designed to support horizontal loads. In guided and free sliding bearings, the Teflon plate and stainless steel plate form a sliding surface, which allows for the horizontal movement of the superstructure. Additionally, spherical bearings can be equipped with anti-uplift devices according to structural requirements. Compared to pot bearings, spherical bearings have a wider range of rotational angles, which can be useful for the construction of atypical bridges.



Sanguang River Crossing Bridge (2020)

Source: https://www.pcc.gov.tw/

Fugue Bridge (2010)

Source: https://www.thb.gov.tw/