Well-Link KVM VD

The Well-Link KVM Viscoelastic Damper (KVM VD) is a passive, velocity displacement dependent energy dissipation device for vibration control and seismic protection of structures. It reduces the effects due to earthquakes and wind.
KVM VD is a wall-type damper. It consists of three steel plates and two layers of a special viscoelastic material with a high capacity of deformation and energy dissipation, increasing stiffness and damping to the structure.


Since the outer and inner layers of the steel plates connect to different stories of the structure, the drifting between stories due to wind or earthquake will cause the steel plate to move to opposite direction. Thus, the viscoelastic material between the steel plates will be forced to deform and dissipate the energy.
Viscoelastic material was initially designed for vibration control in the aerospace industry. When the viscoelastic material deforms, the kinetic energy is transformd to strain energy and heat, which is then dissipated.