Well-Link LRB

The WELL-LINK Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB) is manufactured from layers of rubber, bonded with layers of steel, and inserted with a solid lead core or cores in the middle of the bearing to form a bearing with strong vertical stiffness and low
horizontal stiffness.
The LRB can prolong the structural vibration period and reduce the structural acceleration in the event of an earthquake. LRB is the most
common and effective isolator in the world.


Excellent durability of rubber: Well-Link’s LRB applies special additives for the rubber, yielding stable mechanic properties: tensile strength, ultimate elongation and adhesive strength.

Stable Bilinear behavior:

Well-Link’s LRB demonstrates stable bilinear behavior, resulting in a more accurate structural analysis, since bilinear simulation accurately simulates real-world scenarios.

Performance test under high speed motion: Earthquake motion is not slow speed. Our device’s test results with the NCREE to identify lead rubber bearing performance under high speed (20cm/sec) demonstrate good performance.

+ Vertical load applied:5 tonf~2000 tonf.
+ Easy design to accommodate different structural properties.
+ Easy installation, low cost maintenance.
+ Effectively reduce the ground acceleration, long durability.