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Micro Vibration Measurement & Monitoring Services

Since its founding in 2005, Well-Link has been dedicated to the research, development, and design of products related to seismic resistance, vibration control, and isolation, aiming to enhance structural safety and reliability. With the advancement of technology, users have higher demands on the environment, and the sources of vibration that need to be suppressed extend beyond just earthquakes:

  • in the evolution of semiconductor processes, the fault tolerance of chip manufacturing has become even lower;
  • in the manufacturing industry, the precision required for products has significantly increased compared to the past;
  • with the growing prevalence of minimally invasive surgeries, the disturbances in operating room environments need to be reduced to facilitate medical procedures for healthcare professionals.

Therefore, Well-Link is committed to developing services for micro vibration measurement and monitoring. We have invested in technical personnel to participate in relevant certification training, ensuring that we provide customers with reliable data results with the utmost professionalism. Through these services, we offer customers a more diverse range of product options.