Well-Link covers the complete cycle of its products: from analysis, design and calculation, through manufacturing, to testing and devivery.


Commited to quality

We control and ensure the quality and traceability of our products in all of its phases through a strict Quality Management System certified in accordance with ISO 9001, the standards required by European regulations within the framework of our CE certificates; and the tests, inspections and audits carried out both internally and by independent bodies for the renewal of our certifications.

Continuous surveillance, assessment and approval

Both our facilities and factory production control (FPC) have undergone initial inspection according to system 1 as established EN 1337 and EN 15129 to obtain the corresponding CE certificate. In addition, our FPC is subject to continuous surveillance, assessment and approval by a notified body twice a year.

Longer typical life to first maintenance

Due to the importance of the protection against the corrosión, Well-Link has standardized –instead of paint systems– the use of termal-sprayed metallic coatings on the air exposed parts as one of the best corrosión protection systems in the market; increasing its typical life for first maintenance depending on the corrositivity and type of environment.